Why 10mgPharma:
Transforming Chronic Pain Management

10mg is an innovative digital platform equipped with AI algorithms that provide assistance in addressing patient outcomes in the management of chronic pain. Our transformative solution focuses on enhancing medication delivery and healthcare financing, while also facilitating foreign direct investors in accessing the substantial healthcare market demand in Africa.

Christian Nwachukwu, MBA, MSc(Aston)
CEO, Co-Founder


High cost for long-term medications and low health insurance coverage, puts a major strain on patients' mental health and well-being. At the same time, healthcare providers struggle to find the right funding to provide personalized care and community support.


In a global healthcare-fintech network, 10mg facilitates tailored financial assistance for healthcare providers, enabling them to expand their operations and enhance the availability of chronic pain medication.


Healthcare Provider

We specialize in offering customized funding support opportunities that contribute to the growth of your business and positively impact the wellness of your patients.

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Fintech Network

Investing in a new market can be tricky. At 10mg, we simplify your entry mode to the African healthcare market through generative AI data keyed to long term transactions on the platform. Our system verifies each provider, ensuring that they meet your selection criteria.

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Our Corporate Vision

As Africans building for Africa, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the region. Our ability to pivot our approach as we scale throughout the continent is at the heart of our vision, and 10mg is emerging as a key asset in the future of chronic pain management.

Our Mission

We have redesigned our support for healthcare providers in the delivery of chronic pain medications, resulting in a direct reduction of the cost impact on patients by 15%.

Our Experience

Our team bring in 15+ years plus experience providing pharmaceutical services, promoting medications across healthcare facilities in Africa. 10mg Pharma is focused on improving the existing pharmaceutical ecosystem by creating a common portal for healthcare institutions and licensed pharma businesses to transact safely on opiate medications.

How Far We Have Come

Finalist, best SDG project for Africa at the global grad show in Dubai, 2022